Our Work

Our Work

Membership Association

MOCPHE is currently reviewing our membership tiers. Currently, we offer membership levels at the Friend, Associate, and Full membership level. We also offer memberships for Educational Partners. Please review the below information to see where your agency fits!

Membership Levels

Friend: LPHA, committed to pursuing accreditation; $500 / year

Associate: LPHA, committed to pursuing accreditation; 50% of full annual dues (see table)

Full: LPHA, secured PHAB or MICH accreditation; full annual dues (see table)*

Educational Partners: academic programs in Missouri with a public health focus or interest; beginning at $5,000 / year

*Full members are eligible for MOCPHE’s Executive Committee Board

Monthly meetings

Our first meeting of the month is a more formal business meeting, often involving presentations from external partners or our own staff. The second meeting of the month is more informal and is predominately dedicated to topics identified by members to discuss as a group.

MOCPHE member meetings occur every other Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

Interested in joining a meeting?
Email us at

MOCPHE member meetings occur every other Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

Interested in joining a meeting?
Email us at


MOCPHE currently supports three peer learning collaboratives: Data, Public Health Nursing, and PHAB. These collaboratives are ideal for public health practitioners doing daily or regular work on these topics. They meet monthly, and participants are encouraged to highlight ongoing work at their agency, identify discussion opportunities for shared experiences or challenges, and otherwise engage with their peers across the state.

Interested in joining a collaborative or two? Email us at administration@mocphe.org.

Lines of Service

Technical Assistance 

Technical Assistance can include many activities you think would be helpful or advantageous to your agency. The list below is a starting place and includes many existing or completed projects MOCPHE has successfully taken on! 

  • Health Communications 
  • PHAB Accreditation Support 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Emergency Preparedness (EOP, AAR, Tabletop Exercises) 
  • MAPP 2.0 Process 
  • CHA / CHIP Development 
  • Community Meeting Facilitation 
  • Data Collection Methods 
  • Decision Support Tools 
  • Data visualizations 
  • Project Planning
  • Evaluation
  • Data-Driven, Health Equity-Informed Decision Making 
  • Quality Improvement / Performance Management 
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Resource Sharing - Model Development and project management support

Grant Writing and Grant Implementation 

MOCPHE can help you successfully apply for external funding and use those dollars effectively and according to all relevant compliance. If you want support on your next grant application, thought partnership on your fiscal strategies, or need a fiscal agent, let us know.  

  • Grant Writing and / or Partnership 
  • Identify And Review Funding Opportunities 
  • Grant Project Management 
  • Fiscal Agent 
  • Fiscal Best Practices 
  • Pass Through Funding 
  • Identifying Grant Partners 
  • Government Solicitation 
  • Federal Compliance 
  • Budgeting Practices 
  • Budget Storytelling and Analysis 
  • Funding Strategies 

Workforce Development 

MOCPHE can help you take your staff and hiring processes to the next level. We have strong academic partnerships that help us tap into significant and talented interns at the graduate level.  

  • Contract Staffing 
  • Staff and Leadership Training 
  • Training: MAPP 2.0 
  • Salary Assessments 
  • Training: Trauma-awareness Response 
  • Hiring 
  • Education / Learning Agenda Development 
  • PHAB Workforce Development Planning and Assessment 
  • Retention and Recruitment Strategies 
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking / Collaboration 
  • Employee Handbook Development 
  • Benefit Analysis 
  • Billing 
  • Intern Placement 
  • Workplace / Employee Wellness 
  • Leadership Development

Questions about a service or interested in working with MOCPHE on a project? Email Deputy Director Sarah Crosley at scrosley@mocphe.org.

Staff Updates

November 28, 2023
March 1, 2024

MOCPHE helps the Jefferson County Health Department better service vulnerable populations

The Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence has helped the Jefferson County Health Department to evaluate how its mobile clinics can best address health disparities and reach vulnerable populations within the program’s service area. The project was conducted as part of the Local Public Health Disparities Initiative from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Allie Bodin, MPH, CPH, health data analytics and informatics manager at MOCPHE, worked with JCHD to design an operations-based decision tree that helps JCHD staffers decide which clinics to pursue and what services to provide in line with their mission. By asking a series of questions ordered by priority, JCHD now systematizes the processes by which the program decides which clinics to offer, allowing for monitoring and evaluation of clinic success. To guide JCHD’s decision-making, Allie developed an intake questionnaire collecting demographic, social determinants of health, health behavior, and health outcome data from patients to better understand the populations JCHD services reach. Allie also created two questionnaires for potential partners: the first questionnaire screens whether partners are ready to host a clinic in terms of logistics, and the second questionnaire acquires information to help JCHD decide whether a proposed clinic aligns with JCHD priorities. These questionnaires were designed to be tailored to collect different data indicators over time depending upon the needs of the department for directing practice. Allie’s work sparked so much interest from mobile healthcare leaders within healthcare and public health in recent months that she has been able to share details with more than 275 mobile health service providers and public health professionals in Missouri as well as across the United States and Canada. She presented at the Mobile Healthcare Association’s Missouri Regional Coalition meeting in April on “Data-Driven Decision-Making to Advance Health Equity,” educating providers on how to acquire and use data to direct operations. At the Mobile Healthcare Association’s 19th Annual Mobile Health Clinics Conference in September, Allie hosted a session entitled, “Designing Operations Decision Support to Establish Partnerships that Advance Health Equity,” which focused on translation of the decision-tree from a conceptual to practical tool for use in day-to-day operations and evaluation. Allie also presented at the Joint Missouri Public Health Conference in September, speaking about the project as a health equity initiative within the context of data modernization and security in Missouri. Allie also co-authored a chapter in the 2nd edition of the Mobile Healthcare Association’s Mobile Healthcare Program Start-Up Guide. That chapter, called “Monitoring and Evaluations: A Guide to Ongoing Program Improvement,” was written with Meghan Guptill, MPH; Kristin Mikolowsky, MSc; and Heather Nelson, PhD, MPH. It includes appendices containing the tools Allie developed: the “Operations-Based Decision Tree,” “Intake Questionnaire for Mobile Health Services,” “1st Questionnaire for Potential Partners: Logistics of Mobile Health Services,” and “2nd Questionnaire for Potential Partners: Mobile Health Service Priorities.” Interested in this project? Contact us for more information at abodin@mocphe.org.

Allie Bodin
November 16, 2023

Leah Moser works to improve health in rural Missouri

Program Manager Leah Moser is working on a grant funded by MFH to support four rural counties in Missouri. The goal of this initiative is to divert individuals facing behavioral health crises away from incarceration and towards proper care and support. Over the course of this two-year grant, Leah will provide assistance to the grantees, helping with tasks such as data collection, facilitation, evaluation, and addressing the stigma surrounding behavioral health crises.

Leah Moser
October 29, 2023

MOCPHE staffers present at Joint Public Health Conference

MOCPHE was privileged to serve as an organizer and presenter at the Joint Public Health Conference in October. MOCPHE was joined by the state Department of Health and Senior Services, the Missouri Public Health Association, the Missouri Association of Local Public Health Agencies and the Missouri Institute for Community Health. Leah Moser, MOCPHE program manager, presented on “Mobilizing Community Partnerships in Rural Communities to Improve Health Outcomes” and “The State of Pediatric Emergency Care in Rural Missouri”. She explored the unique challenges facing rural communities when it comes to community collaboration such as conducting community health assessments and improvement plans. She also discussed strategies for effectively engaging key stakeholders in the process, drawing on real-world examples from Andrew County Health Department to showcase how the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) framework can be tailored to meet the specific needs of rural communities. MOCPHE's Allie Bodin, our health data analytics and informatics manager, spoke on “Missouri Data Modernization, Security and Health Equity Initiatives.” Also presenting with Allie were Zachary Kempf and Becca Mickels of the Department of Health and Senior Services, and Shawn Ivy, who works in information technology for the state Office of Administration. Melissa Comstock, MOCPHE's special projects coordinator, assisted in MOCPHE's presentations.