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Reopening Guidance

Missouri faces an unprecedented public health response to COVID-19. As communities consider the best way to reopen businesses and community events after extended stay at home and physical distancing orders expire, local public health agencies and their partners will be working to apply the best possible guidance.


To assist in reopening strategies, MOCPHE members and local public health agencies have shared their reopening guidance documents below. These can be adapted and used in any local jurisdiction across Missouri. We are all in this together!


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General Reopening Guidance

General Business Guidance

Childcare Facilities

Houses/Places of Worship

Mass Gatherings

Personal Pet Services

Recreational Water/Pools and Gyms

Restaurants and Bars

Salons and Spas

Sports Events

Local COVID-19 Orders

While Governor Parson enacted an Economic Reopening Order on April 27, 2020, many local jurisdictions in Missouri have enacted their own orders to reopen businesses. Others continue to encourage residents to stay home, extending local Stay At Home orders in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect their communities.

Local Reopen Orders, Emergency Orders, and Specific Guidance

Local Stay At Home Orders

Clear COVID Messaging

In an effort to facilitate clear, consistent, accurate messaging across Missouri, MOCPHE has partnered Missouri Foundation for Health to develop a communication strategy with core key messages, tools, and templates for use by all Missouri public health professionals and partners.

The new One For All campaign encourages all public health agencies and partners to speak from one consistent set of clear messages. Messages delivered with a unified voice will help Missourians move past confusion to make the best possible decisions about their own health and help protect their community and their fellow Missourians from COVID-19.

Start sharing the message! Learn more at https://www.oneforallmo.com/.


COVID-19 Dictionary

COVID-19 Overview

Contact Tracing Explained


MOCPHE believes accreditation empowers health departments to improve performance by motivating them to identify processes improvement opportunities, utilize quality improvement mechanisms, develop leadership skills and build stronger community partnerships.

Local public health agencies in Missouri can purse accreditation at the state or national level.

National accreditation (PHAB)

Missouri accreditation (MICH)

Quality Improvement

From beginner level to expert at quality improvement methods, this guide will test your knowledge of QI processes, help you identify opportunities for QI application within your organization and lead you to QI tools and resources to move your efforts forward.

Public Health Foundation

Quality Improvement Quick Guide

Workforce Development

APHA now offers a study guide for those planning to take the Certified in Public Health exam, administered by the National Board of Public Health Examiners.

Learn more


Missouri Environmental Association annual education conference has been rescheduled for October 19 - 21, 2020. 

Learn more


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognize the great work St. Louis County is doing with COVID-19 management and nursing homes.

Learn more


In partnership with Missouri's Professional Organizations focused on public health and the #HealthierMO grassroots initiative, MOCPHE sent a letter of support to Governor Parson, encouraging development of a statewide prescription drug monitoring program that builds on the model developed by St. Louis County.

The group has also identified priority public health issues for the 2020 legislative session.

Learn more at HealthierMO.org

Student Opportunities

MOCPHE Associate Memberships are available to students who are committed to improving the health status of all Missourians. Contact us for details.

Students can learn about the current public health system in Missouri and the urgent need for system-wide transformation in a free e-module developed by the grassroots #HealthierMO initiative. Learn more at HealthierMO.org.

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