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Shelter-in-Place Urged

In a letter to Governor Parson dated March 23, 2020, MoCPHE and public health system leaders collectively urge the Governor to enact a statewide shelter-in-place order to slow the spread of COVID-19.


Sheltering in place limits social interaction to a level beyond social distancing. These evidence-based practices may not reduce the number of cases of COVID-19 overall, but they have historically proven effective at slowing the spread of disease in order to not overwhelm healthcare resources and to lower the number of deaths. 

Letters have also been sent to the Governor from the Missouri State Medical Association (3/23/2020) and the Missouri Public Health Association (3/27/2020), urging him to issue a statewide Stay At Home order.

Stay At Home Orders

Multiple jurisdictions in Missouri have enacted local Stay At Home orders and other restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect their communities.

If you are aware of an order not listed here, please contact us. This list will be updated daily.

Andrew County (3/23/2020)

Branson (3/23/2020)

Caldwell County (3/27/2020)

Cass County (3/22/2020 Amended)

Clay County (3/22/2020 Amended)

Christian County, Nixa, and Ozark (3/24/2020)

Cole County (3/27/2020)

Columbia and Boone County (3/24/2020)

Crawford County (4/1/2020)

Forsyth (3/21/2020)

Harrison County (3/27/2020)

Howell County (3/30/2020)

Jackson County (3/20/2020)

Jefferson County (3/23/2020)

Kansas City (3/21/2020)

Perry County (3/25/2020)

Platte County (3/22/2020)

Randolph County (3/25/2020)

Ray County (3/24/2020)

Springfield-Greene County (3/24/2020)

St. Charles County (3/24/2020)

St. Joseph (3/23/2020)

St. Louis City (3/23/2020)

St. Louis County (3/23/2020)

Webster County  (3/17/2020)

West Plains (3/28/2020)

MoCPHE Urges Action

March 21, 2020, Governor Parson directed the Director of DHSS to require statewide social distancing strategies


MoCPHE sent a letter to the Governor March 20th, recommending he mandate more aggressive social distancing strategies across the state in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and better protect Missourians.


MoCPHE believes accreditation empowers health departments to improve performance by motivating them to identify processes improvement opportunities, utilize quality improvement mechanisms, develop leadership skills and build stronger community partnerships.

Local public health agencies in Missouri can purse accreditation at the state or national level.

National accreditation (PHAB)

Missouri accreditation (MICH)

Quality Improvement

From beginner level to expert at quality improvement methods, this guide will test your knowledge of QI processes, help you identify opportunities for QI application within your organization and lead you to QI tools and resources to move your efforts forward.

Public Health Foundation

Quality Improvement Quick Guide

Workforce Development

APHA now offers a study guide for those planning to take the Certified in Public Health exam, administered by the National Board of Public Health Examiners.

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Missouri Environmental Association annual education conference has been rescheduled for October 19 - 21, 2020. 

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Kansas City, MO receives a silver medal from the City Health initiative for implementing policies that create real, lasting impact in everyday quality of life. Kansas City achieved gold or silver medal status on five or more of the nine policies examined.

City Health is an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente.

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In partnership with Missouri's Professional Organizations focused on public health and the #HealthierMO grassroots initiative, MoCPHE sent a letter of support to Governor Parson, encouraging development of a statewide prescription drug monitoring program that builds on the model developed by St. Louis County.

The group has also identified priority public health issues for the 2020 legislative session.

Learn more at HealthierMO.org

Student Opportunities

MoCPHE Associate Memberships are available to students who are committed to improving the health status of all Missourians. Contact us for details.

Students can learn about the current public health system in Missouri and the urgent need for system-wide transformation in a free e-module developed by the grassroots #HealthierMO initiative. Learn more at HealthierMO.org.