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City of St. Louis Department of Health


Jeanine Arrighi, MS, MPPA 
Acting Director / Commissioner of Health

Jefferson County Health Department

Kelley Vollmar, MS

St. Charles County Department of Public Health


Demetrius Cianci-Chapman, MPH, MSN(R), RN

Clay County Public Health Center


Gary Zaborac, MS

Director of Public Health

Kansas City Department of Health

Rex Archer, MD, MPH
Director of Health


St. Louis County
Health and Wellness


Spring Schmidt
Division Director


Jackson County Health Department

Bridgette Shaffer, MPH
Health Director

Springfield-Greene County Health Department


Clay Goddard, MPA
Director of Public Health and Welfare


Taney County Health Department


Lisa Marshall, MS, RD, LD


Cole County Health Department


Kristi Campbell



Membership is open to health departments who are PHAB or MICH accredited or can show that they meet the qualifications outlined in the Center’s Articles of Incorporation.


Associate Membership is open to individuals and organizations who are committed to improving the health status of all Missourians, including Schools or Institutes of Public Health, hospital systems, other health care organizations, private organizations or foundations.


If you are interested in membership in the Center for Public Health Excellence, please contact us at MoCPHE@yahoo.com.