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Frank Thompson, MPH
Vice President | MOCPHE
Deputy Director of Health

Kansas City Department of Health

Frank E. Thompson, Jr. has served with the Kansas City Health Department for 22 years. He has held many positions, one of which he currently holds as the Deputy Director of Health for the Kansas City Health Department. 


Mr. Thompson holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Amherst College and a Master of Science in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.


Early in his career, Frank worked as a community health educator within education reform, that also included developing and operating a charter school, in Springfield, MA.


In 1999, Frank made the decision to move to Kansas City, MO to begin his journey with KCHD as a public health planner. He would then transition to the Manager of HIV Services. In this role his duties included oversight of 10 federal, state, and local HIV-related funding streams totaling over $8 million per year. Frank’s consistency and hard work as the HIV Manager would later position him as Deputy Director in December 2018.


Frank’s early projects with KCHD included completing the city’s first Minority Health Indicators Report (2000) and facilitating KCHD’s participation in a statewide initiative to examine the role and function of public health at the state and local level (2001-2002). Frank has played a lead role in KCHD’s effort to become the first accredited local public health agency in Missouri (2004) and creating the first Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) (2004- 2006).


Within KCHD, Frank has provided leadership for the implementation of the Kansas City Health Commission (2001), and KCHD Office of Strategic Management (now called the Division of Community Engagement, Policy and Accountability). Frank has also served on the Board of Directors for several local non-profit agencies engaged in providing health services/health education within the Kansas City metropolitan region.

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