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   We believe Missourians deserve better health outcomes.  


New research from a study of one million people shows genetic traits that may predict the risk of high blood pressure and help scientists develop  more effective treatments.

Medical News Today



MoCPHE believes accreditation empowers health departments to improve performance by motivating them to identify processes improvement opportunities, utilize quality improvement mechanisms, develop leadership skills and build stronger community partnerships.

Local public health agencies in Missouri can purse accreditation at the state or national level.

National accreditation (PHAB)

Missouri accreditation (MICH)


Everyone can advocate for the development of conditions that promote health, prevent disease and protect communities - conditions that ensure everyone has the opportunity for a healthier life. Get active!

Advocate for Public Health


Identifying public health areas of improvement must depend, at least in large part, on accurate data. The ODPHP offers state-specific snapshots for measureable Healthy People 2020 objectives.

State Level Data Map

Quality Improvement

From beginner level to expert at quality improvement methods, this guide will test your knowledge of QI processes, help you identify opportunities for QI application within your organization and lead you to QI tools and resources to move your efforts forward.

Public Health Foundation

Quality Improvement Quick Guide

Workforce Development

Unleashing the Power of Public Health

September 25 - 27, 2018

Columbia, MO

Information exchange, networking and opportunities for enhanced coordination of public health programs and services.

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MEHA Fall Training

October 4 - 5, 2018

Columbia, MO

Training tours, food code changes, aquaculture, retail food program standards and more.

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Kansas City Health Department was recently recognized as a 2018 Local Health Department of the Year (Medium Category).

In addition, NACCHO delivered the prestigious Dr. Maurice “Mo” Mullet Lifetime of Service Award to Rex Archer, MD, MPH, Director of Health for the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department.

MoCPHE congratulates both award recipients and appreciates their commitment to excellence in public health!


The #HealtheirMO grassroots initiative is working to transform the pubic health system in Missouri. MoCPHE supports the work of #HealthierMO and participates actively as a member of the initiative's Professional Organizations group.


The group's vision is "united for public health" and their mission statement reads "Leading public health system alignment through: collaboration, communication, workforce development, and advocacy."

Learn more at

Student Opportunities

Unleashing the Power of Public Health

September 25 - 27, 2018

Columbia, MO

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MoCPHE Associate Memberships are available to students who are committed to improving the health status of all Missourians. Contact us for details.

Students can learn about the current public health system in Missouri and the urgent need for system-wide transformation in a free e-module developed by #HealthierMO.

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